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Iasourdream Notes Part 2

SOME OF THE FB FANPAGE and FB GROUP activities December 2011) world largest salty desert??---'Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia what is 'environmental determinism' ? ..(around the month of the doctrine that individual human actions, beliefs, and values are controlled or determined by the ambient the doctrine normally is, societies, cultures, and civilizations are also held to be the product of their environments.. in the early stage of their interaction with their natural environmen
   Love is all we want ,,,,! LIKE OUR FANPAGE at 1   SOME OF THE FB FANPAGE and FB GROUP activities..(around the month ofDecember 2011) world largest salty desert?? ---   'Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia   what is 'environmental determinism' ?   th e doc t  rine th a t  individual h uman ac t  ions, beliefs, and values are con t  rolled or de t  ermined by th eambien t  environmen t.... as th e doc t  rine normally is, socie t  ies, cul t  ures, and civiliza t  ions are also h eld t  o be th e produc t  of  th eir environmen t  s ..   in th e early s t  age of  th eir in t  erac t  ion wi th   th eir na t  ural environmen t    h umans were grea t  ly influenced byi tth ey adap t  ed t  o th e dic t  a t  es of na t  ure .th is is so because th e level of  t  ec h nology was very low and th e s t  age of  h uman social developmen t  was also primi t  ive .th is t  ype of in t  erac t  ion be t  ween primi t  ive h uman socie t  y and s t  rong forces of na t  ure was t  ermed as environmen t  al de t  erminism    Endogenic Forces   -----------------------------   Orgina t  e in th e in t  erior of  th e ear th.   C auses sudden or slow movemen t  s   Eg: Ear thq uke, Building Moun t  ains   Exogenic Forces   -------------------------   Origina t  e in th e a t  mosp h ere or on th e surface of  th e ear th.   C auses slow movemen t  s .   Eg: Erosional and Deposi t  ional   what are 'yurts' ? ---por t  able h ome made of wood   where is 'death valley' located? --eas t  ern california ...///   strait of hormuz and its importance on economy...////????   i t  connec t  s gulf of persia nd gulf of Oman .. is th e only sea passage t  o th e open ocean for large areas of  th e pe t  roleum-expor t  ing Persian Gulf  .A bou t  14 t  ankers carrying 15 . 5 million barrels (2,460,000 m3) of crude oil pass th roug h   th e s t  rai t  on an average day, making i t  one of  th e world's mos t  s t  ra t  egically   impor t  an t  c h oke poin t  s . T h is represen t  s 35% of  th e world's seaborne oil s h ipmen t  s, and 20 percen t  of oil t  raded worldwide in 2011 ....W iki   differentiate between a gulf and a strait- -------  A s t  rai t  or s t  rai t  s is a narrow, t  ypically navigable   c h annel of wa t  er th a t  connec t  s t  wo larger land masses .../// w h ile gulf is th e large bay th a t  is arm of ocean or sea mos t  ly surronded by land ....////   ** There is a general understanding among the countries of the world to select the standardmeridian in multiples of 7°30' of longitude. That is why 82°30' E has been selected as the standard meridian of India. Indian Standard Time is ahead of Greenwich Mean Time by 5hours and 30 minutes.   ** There are some countries where there are more than one standard meridian due to     Love is all we want ,,,,! LIKE OUR FANPAGE at 2   their vast east-to-west extent. For example, the USA has seven time zones.   F rance h as th e mos t    t  ime zones wi th 12 . On Marc h 28, 2010, Russia elimina t  ed t  wo t  ime zones,goingfrom 11 t  o 9, bu t  s t  ill h as   th e mos t  con t  iguous t  ime zones .   W hich one of the following countries shares the longest land frontier with India?   (a) Banglades h (c) Pakis t  an     (b) Ch ina (d) Myanmar   (a) Banglades h -------4,096 .7 km   what is coral bleaching ?   i t  refers t  o decolorisa t  ion or w h i t  ening of coral sys t  em ,loss of color pigmen t  ,decrease in densi t  y of colorpigmen t  of coral sys t  em .   i t  was firs t  discovered by alfred mayor in 1919 h owever wilkinson in 1998 h ig h lig ht  ed th e issue andca t  ogorised i t  in 4 ca t  egories-     1 . ex t  remely effec t  ed -w h en des t  ruc t  ion is more th an 7 5% suc h sys t  em is found in pacific ocean .   2 . severely effec t  ed -w h en des t  ruc t  ion is be t  ween 52 - 7 5 eg -red sea .   3 . modera t  ely effec t  ed 25 t  o 50 laks h adweep ,andaman nicobar island   4 . no t  effec t  ed below 25   causes of coral bleaching   1 . epoozi t  ics - th e killing of algae by pa th ogen,disease suc h as coral plague,w h i t  e band ,black band .   2 . increase in pH value may bring des t  ruc t  ion of coral reef,presen t  ly pH value is around 7. 6 t  o 7. 8 .   3 . global warming is one impor t  an t  reason of coral bleac h ing as coral can no t    t  olera t  e h ig h   t  empera t  ure .   4 .t  urbidi t  y curren t  s and sedimen t  a t  ion- t  urbidi t  y curren t  srcina t  e near river mou th and along river coas t   ,wi th erosion , th ey ac t  as driller and sedimen t  a t  ion preven t  sunrays h ence causes h indrance in process of p h o t  osyn th esis .   5 . xeno bio t  ic -coral bleac h ng by c h emical pollu t  ion .   6 . el lino w h ic h refers t  o warming of eas t  ern pacific due t  o global warming s h if  t  ed t  o cen t  ral pacific .   7. o th er fac t  or like mining in con t  inen t  al s h elf,oil spilling .   conclusion-   199 7 year was proclaimed as year of coral reef  t  o crea t  e awareness around th e world abou t    th edevas t  ing si t  ua t  ion of coral sys t  em in cen t  ral pacific . accelera t  ed coral bleac h ing is produc t  of  h umanac t  ivi t  ies . UN CC R (uni t  ed na t  ion conven t  ion on coral reef) was cons t  i t  u t  ed t  o pro t  ec t  and conserve th emos t  valuable and fragile marine ecosys t  em bu t  s t  ill effor t  s are re q uired .   what are the gases which are responsible for green house effects??   C o2 , C H4,No2,cfc's   Trojan asteroid?   Trojans are as t  eroids th a t  s h are an orbi t  wi th a plane t  near s t  able poin t  s in fron t  of or be h ind th e plane t    w h ere did th ey found?--- found in t  wo clouds moving in th e orbi t  of jupi t  er,one moving a h ead of i t  and   o th er moving be h ind i t.   what was the earlier name of mount everest before this name?? -------Sagarma th a   what is condensation nuclei? ----- th e impuri t  ies suspended in th e a t  mosp h ere on w h ic h   h umidi t  y ge t   condensed for th e precipi t  a t  ion .    A s a fac t    th ere can b no precipi t  a t  ion t  ake place in absolu t  ely clear   Love is all we want ,,,,! LIKE OUR FANPAGE at 3   wea th er .   I n order t  o ge t    th e process of condensa t  ion s t  ar t  ed, i t  is essen t  ial th a t    th ere s h ould be an abundan t   supply of microscopic dus t  par t  icles in th e air . Earlier th e wea th er scien t  is t  s h eld th e view th a t    th e t  iny   par t  icles of dus t  , of w h a t  ever t  ype th ey may be, were sufficien t  for th e process of condensa t  ion, bu t  of la t  e, i t  was discovered th a t  condensa t  ion does no t  occur on ordinary dus t  par t  icles . F or th is purpose onlysuc h par t  icles are necessary as are capable of a tt  rac t  ing or absorbing wa t  er . T h ese condensa t  ion nucleiare called h ygroscopic nuclei   I N s h or t  condensa t  ion nuclei h ave t  wo par t  s firs t  is h ygroscopic and second h ydrop h obic, h ygroscopicnuclei dissolves in wa t  er and h ydrop h obic nuclei do no t.    Andaman Nicobar has National Highway ?  /// ---- NH223   which state is largest producer of cardamom in india? ? --kerala   eastern most and western most point of india?? ---- W es t  ernmos t  Poin t    W es t  of G h uar Mo t  a,   Gujara t... Eas t  ernmos t  Poin t  Kibi th u,  A runac h al Prades h   what is known as gate of tears?? ? --Bab-el-Mandeb   diff between national park and wild life sanctury   no bio t  ic in t  erference is allowed in na t  ional park ; limi t  ed bio t  ic in t  erference is allowed in wildlifesanc t  uary   W hich are the shortest, longest and highest NH.,.?     s h or t  es t  is . NH 4 7A , Kundanoor Junc t  ion in Koc h i ci t  y t  o th e Koc h i por t  a t    W illingdon I sland ..   longes t  is ;- NH- 7 w h ic h runs from Varanasi t  o Kanyakumari   western ghat and eastern ghat meet at which place??   nilgiri h ills   wat prospect do isro space program hold in a country like india wit stil lack f developmntfunds to suffice whole f population evn for basic needs f population like food sheltereducation n healthcare?   I f we s t  op inves t  ing in sci & researc h ac t  ivi t  ies we will never be able t  o develop indigenous t  ec h nologiesand th is would severely h amper our grow th   t  rajec t  ory . T h oug h   th e pace a t  w h ic h developmen t  al ac t  ivi t  ies h appen in our coun t  ry is of agrea t  concern, s t  opping space program will no t  solve th e problem .   I t  is verymuc h possible t  o build roads, provide h eal th care and educa t  ion t  o th e people even wi th ou t  s t  opping th e   space programs .A ll i t  needs is a s t  rong poli t  ical will and able adminis t  ra t  ion .   The largest glaciers are............? A. mountain glaciers B. alpine glaciers C. continentalglaciers D. piedmont glaciers     con t  inen t  al glaciers   how continental drift modifies oceanic currents??  A l t  ered th e speed of ocean curren t  s   wht do u kw abt Zulu time??     Love is all we want ,,,,! LIKE OUR FANPAGE at 4   zulu t  ym is k\a universal coordina t  ed t  ym .. i t  is a succesor of greenwic h mean t  ym in near by closesuccession range   i t  is based on I n t  erna t  ional  At  omic Time (T  A I ) wi th leap seconds added a t  irregular in t  ervals t  o   compensa t  e for th e Ear th 's slowing ro t  a t  ion ...A n email sen t  from someone in th e Z t  ime zone will h ave th e t  ime zone lis t  ed as +0000 in th e h eaders of  th e email .   census 2011 recorded 54% increase in urban settlements; what is the number of urbansettlements in india?   7 935 in 2011 b t  i t  ws only 5161 in 2011 so th rs 54% f increase alarmingly   what was the capital of Odisha before Bhuvneshwar???   silver ci t  y f india ... cu tt  ack!   L unar eclipse occurs on  A full moon day   fertilizers used for increasing acidity of soil?     fer t  ilizers increase th e nu t  rien t  con t  n t  f soil b t  dsn t  neu t  ralise acidi t  y morevr excess f fer t  ilizer cn lead t  omore soil acidi t  y   agriculture involving both crops and livestock is called   mixed farming ... i t  s called diversified farming w h en farmers are rearing cows, buffaloes, s h eep goa t  , andfis h eries wi th crop cul t  iva t  ion ... in case of mixed farming farmers only rear cows and buffalos wid crop   which one of the following states is RE L  ATIVE LY less in danger in case of earthquakecomprare to others??   1 . mad h ya prades h   2 . rajas th an   3 . gujara t      4 .  jammu and kas h mirs   mp ...   no t  ec t  onic pla t  es mvn t  s around th s s t  a t  e along wi t  absence f moun t  ain ranges wc h r uns t  ble as in case f  j&k   How many national parks are there in India 166 au th orised in india ... kumb h algar h nd t  odgar h raoli wildlife sanc t  uaries of rajas th an are recen t  ly givens t  a t  us of na t  ional park ..   in which river paris is situated? a.tiber b.seine c.danube none of these   seine ....... Belgrade si t  ua t  ed on Danube river   pochampad irrigation project lies on which river   Godavari river   Sami t  i: vis h ay  
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