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  Page 1 of 17 LHD-241 CAME checklist Up-to and including Commission Regulation 2015/1536 EASA Part MG CAME CHECKLIST LHD-241 Dags. 20.09.2016 1. Scope The purpose of the Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME) compliance checklist and user guide is to assist organisation wishing to obtain EASA Part M Subpart G approval (CAMO). This document is complementary to the requirements of Implementing Rule (IR) - Regulation EU 1321/2014  Annex I, Part M Subpart G “as amended” and does not supersede or replace the information defined within the IR. The checklist includes suggested subject headings and all the relevant information as detailed in M.A.704 and its AMC, the format of which may be modified to suit the organisation preferred method. The checklist should show compliance by referring in the “CAME reference / comment” where the information in the CAME is located and explanation if not applicable. This checklist, when completed, should be submitted with the initial draft CAME. 2. Important warning This user guide is designed to be used by:   Part M Subpart G organisation (CAMO) - To assist them in the production and/or maintaining of their own CAME   ICETRA - As a comparison document for CAMEs submitted to them for approval; and The user guide is provided for guidance only and should be customised by each organisation to demonstrate how they comply with Part M Subpart G. It is the responsibility of the organisation to ensure compliance with the IR. The organisation may choose to use another format as long as all the applicable sections of the regulation are addressed and cross-referenced. For each detailed procedure described within the CAME, the CAMO should address the following questions: What must be done? Who should do it? When must it be done? Where must it be done? How must it be done? Which procedure(s)/form(s) should be used? The CAME should be written in the English language. 3. Exposition format The CAME may be produced in hardcopy or electronic format;   Hardcopy: ICETRA does recommend using white paper (format A4); The CAME shall be provided in a binder with section dividers. (recto/verso can be used)   Electronic Format: The Exposition should be in Portable Document Format (PDF) but a printed copy shall be delivered to the ICETRA to facilitate the document study.    Page 2 of 17 LHD-241 CAME checklist Up-to and including Commission Regulation 2015/1536 4. Structure of the Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition The CAME may be produced in the form of a single document or may consist of several separate documents.   Single document: The standard CAME produced i.a.w. AMC M.A.704 is a unique and complete document. It must contain all the information required to show compliance with the regulation including detailed continuing airworthiness management procedures and detailed quality system procedures (see AMC M.A:704 and Appendix V to AMC M.A.704).   Several documents: The CAME must contain at least the information as detailed in Appendix V to AMC M.A.704 Part 0.1 to 0.6 (General organisation). The additional material may be published in separate documents which must be referenced from the CAME. In this case:   The CAME should cross refer to the associated procedures, documents, appendices and forms which are managed separately.   These associated documents must meet the same rules as described for the CAME.   This/these associated document(s), procedure(s) and form(s) etc. must be provided to the ICETRA, as part of the CAME. For some organisations certain sections of the headings defined within AMC M.A:704 and Appendix V to AMC M.A.704 may be ‘not applicable’. In this case they should be annotated as such within the CAME.  5. Exposition pages’  presentation Each page of the CAME should be identified as follows (this information may be added in the header or footer;   the name of the organisation (official name as defined on the EASA Form 14 approval certificate)   the issue number of the CAME   the amendment/revision number of the CAME   the date of the revision (amendment or issue depending on the way the organisation has chosen to revise the CAME)   the chapter of the CAME   the page number    the name of the document Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition”  At the beginning of the volume, the Cover page should specify:   Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition;   The name of the organisation (the official one defined on the EASA Form 14 approval certificate)     The approval reference of the CAMO   The copy number from the distribution list  6. Corporate commitment by Accountable Manger Prior to submission of the ‘draft’ CAME to the ICETRA for approval the Accountable Manager must sign and date the Corporate Commitment statement (General organisation 0.1). This confirms that they have read the document and understand their responsibilities under the approval. In the case of change of  Accountable Manager, the new incumbent should sign the document and submit a suitable amendment the ICETRA for approval.  CAME Reference Organisation Official Name Date Summited by Signature  Page 3 of 17 LHD-241 CAME checklist Up-to and including Commission Regulation 2015/1536 CAME checklist Compl Content IR reference CAME reference / comment Cover page ☐  Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition ☐  The official name of the organisation as defined on EASA Form 14 ☐  The approval reference of the CAMO ☐  The copy number from the distribution list Introduction ☐  Foreword ☐  Table of content ☐  List of effective pages ☐  List of issues / amendments or record of revision ☐  ICETRA Letter of Approval (LOA) ☐  Internal organisation approval page signed by QM and TM   Internal approval statement   Title, name, date and signature (QM and TM) ☐  Revision highlights / Summary of changes ☐  Effective date of the current revision   The effective date is the date that the amendment introduced in this amendment takes effect   The effective date can be established just prior to the final approval of the CAME by ICETRA or just after. This is in order to obtain the necessary time to incorporate the amendment e.g. to train personnel, print forms etc. ☐  Distribution list   CAME copy number   Location of copies   Holders of the copies   Format of copies (CD-ROM, Paper etc.) ☐   Abbreviation, terminology and definitions ☐  Cross reference list from the CAME to Appendix V to AMC M.A.704, if applicable ☐  Organisation information i.e.:   Address of approved locations (Head Office)   Mailing Address(es)   Telephone number(s)   Fax number(s)   E-mail address of the Head Office Part M.A.704 (a)  Page 4 of 17 LHD-241 CAME checklist Up-to and including Commission Regulation 2015/1536 PART 0 GENERAL ORGANISATION ☐  0.1 Corporate commitment by the accountable manger When the AM is not the CEO of the organisation then such CEO shall countersign the statement M.A.704 (a) 1. / AMC M.A.704 9. - AMC M.A.706 (a) ☐  0.2 General information   Description of the organisation   Relationship with other organisation o  Subsidiaries / mother company o  Consortiums   Scope of work - Aircraft managed o  Quote aircraft types / series o  Date included in the scope of work o  List of aircraft maintenance programmes o   List of “generic” and “baseline” maintenance programmes o  Quote number of aircraft of each type o  Quote each aircraft registration (or elsewhere by agreement with ICETRA  –  see note 1 below) o  List for each aircraft, aircraft owner / operator o  CAMO contract reference   Type of operation    Organisation’s Scope of Work (Scope of Approval)  (M.A.703 (c) / M.A.704 (a) 2.)  –  see note 2 below Note 1: It is very important to be able to identify which aircraft is managed by the CAMO at a given time, especially when it comes to determine whether or not an aircraft has remained in “controlled environment” and or when aircraft are removed from an AOC, but will be kept managed by the CAMO as a private aircraft. By only referring to the current list on the AOC, will automatically discontinue the aircraft from being managed by the CAMO when removing the aircraft from the AOC. For large aircraft, that will automatically invalid the ARC. Note 2: The EASA Form 14 will refer to section containing the Scope of  Approval (Scope of Work). M.A.703 (c) - M.A.704 (a) / AMC M.A.704  –  Appendix V to AMC M.A.704 Part 0.2  ☐  0.3 Management personnel   Accountable Manager   Nominated Post Holder for Continuing Airworthiness activities (TM)   Continuing airworthiness coordination (group of persons)   Designated Quality Manger (QM)   Airworthiness Review staff   Nominated person(s) authorised to extend ARC M.A.704 (a) / AMC M.A.704 - M.A.706 (a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(i)(j) / AMC M.A.706 (a)(e)(i)
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