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List of Trivia and Facts

List of trivia and facts
  List of Trivia and Facts Nauru Money Laundering The inter-governmental Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) identified  Nauru as one of 15 non-cooperative  countries in its fight against money laundering.  During the 1990s, it was possible to establish a licensed bank in Nauru for only $25,000 with no other requirements. GDP comparison Dayton, Ohio has a larger GDP (about $40B) than all of North Korea (about $28B or $1,300/capita) Communion wafers Wafers used during Catholic and other masses are commercially available. In Toronto, they can be purchased at Broughton’s at Victoria Park  -Sheppard. Smaller packs of small plain wafers are under $10. Jewish religious rules and loopholes Some Orthodox Jewish men believe even unintentional contact with a member of the opposite sex could be immodest. There have been cases where flights were delayed because an Orthodox Jew was seated next to a woman. Elevators in Jewish apartment buildings will stop on each floor on the Sabbath as pushing elevator buttons would be considered work, which is forbidden on the Sabbath On the Sabbath, Jews are prohibited from carrying objects (or certain objects) between private and public areas. An “eruv” is  a thin wire that circles certain cities which effectively expands the private domain into the public domain. This allows Jews to carry items from home out into public during the Sabbath. On the Sabbath, turning a lamp on or off is prohibited as manipulating electrical power is  prohibited. Special Sabbath lamps always remain on and have a part that covers or exposes the light. Some Jews will use automated lights which they set before the Sabbath to be turned on or off during the Sabbath.  Note: The Jewish Sabbath runs from sunset on Friday to sunset on Sunday.   Some may argue that Jews are being too meticulous about their religious rules and are simply trying to find loopholes or trying to “trick  /outsmart ” God. A counter-argument is that God is perfect, therefore his rules are perfect, therefore any loopholes you find were intentionally placed there and God would want you to use them. Jewish defecation prayer The “Asher yatzar” is a prayer said after engaging in the act of defecation or urination. It expresses thanks for having the ability to excrete and urinate, for without it existence would be impossible. Those with medical issues impacting their ability to defecate or urinate may not be required to say the prayer. New York City parks There are four parks larger than Central Park in NYC. Central Park is the largest in Manhattan though. US cities Only four American cities have a population over 2 million as of 2016.  NYC  –   8.5M LA  –   4M Chicago  –   2.7M Houston  –   2.3M Only 10 cities have a population over 1 million as of 2016. Canadian cities and provinces Toronto is the only Canadian city with a population over 2 million as of 2016. Only Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary have a population over 1 million. Toronto has a larger population than most provinces and territories. Only Alberta, BC, Quebec, and Ontario have larger populations than Toronto. Toronto has a larger population than 14 US states. Mississauga has a larger population than Vancouver. York University has more students than each of the three territories.  Mormon underwear A type of  underwear worn by adherents of the Latter Day Saint movement after they have taken  part in the endowment ceremony Garments are worn both day and night and are required for any adult who previously participated in the endowment ceremony to enter a temple. The undergarments are viewed as a symbolic reminder of the covenants made in temple ceremonies and are seen as a symbolic and/or literal source of protection from the evils of the world. Scientology E-meter The E-meter is a device for displaying and/or recording the electrodermal activity (EDA) of a human being. The device is used frequently for  auditing in Scientology and divergent groups. The efficacy and legitimacy of Scientology's use of the E-meter has been subject to extensive debate and litigation and in accordance with a federal court order, the Church of Scientology now publishes disclaimers in its books and publications declaring that the E-meter by itself does nothing and that it is used specifically for spiritual purposes. US patent for a stick Patent 6360693 is for a dog toy that is essentially a stick. Area 51 environmental lawsuit In 1994, five unnamed civilian contractors and the widows of contractors Walter Kasza and Robert Frost sued the USAF and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  Their suit, in which they were represented by George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, alleged they had been present when large quantities of unknown chemicals had  been burned in open pits and trenches at Groom. Biopsies taken from the complainants were analyzed by Rutgers University biochemists, who found high levels of  dioxin, dibenzofuran, and trichloroethylene in their body fat. The complainants alleged they had sustained skin, liver, and respiratory injuries due to their work at Groom, and that this had contributed to the deaths of Frost and Kasza. The suit sought compensation for the injuries they had sustained, claiming the USAF had illegally handled toxic materials, and that the EPA had failed in its duty to enforce the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (which governs handling of dangerous materials). They also sought detailed information about the chemicals to which they were allegedly exposed, hoping this would facilitate the medical treatment of survivors. Congressman Lee H. Hamilton, former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told  60  Minutes  reporter Lesley Stahl, The Air Force is classifying all information about Area 51 in order to protect themselves from a lawsuit. Citing the State Secrets Privilege, the government petitioned trial judge U.S. District Judge Philip Pro (of the United States District Court for the District of Nevada in Las Vegas) to  disallow disclosure of classified documents or examination of secret witnesses, alleging this would expose classified information and threaten national security. Toronto illegal stick moving It is against city bylaws to move a stick in a park Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 608, Parks Section 6  No person shall in a park: B. Break, injure, deface, destroy, move or remove the whole or any part of a flower, plant, material, fungus, tree or other vegetation or a building, structure, equipment or other property of the City; C. Unless authorized by permit, climb, move or remove the whole or any part of a tree, rock,  boulder, rock face or remove soil, sand, or wood; Foot Golf A unique sport which combines soccer and golf Players try to get a soccer ball into an enlarged hole Played on regular golf courses Tried in May 2018 at Carruthers Creek in Ajax Paradoxes Definition   A statement that, despite apparently sound reasoning from true premises, leads to an apparently self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion Examples Liar paradox A person states that they always lie. If the liar is indeed lying, then the liar is telling the truth, which means the liar is lying. Socratic paradox “All I know is that I know nothing.”  




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