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Mortal Instruments (Ron/Ginny)

Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire [HP fanfiction, Ron/Ginny, Explicit]
  Mortal Instruments by Cassandra ClaireMORTAL INSTRUMENTSI have not slept.et!een the a tin# o$ a dread$ul thin#And the $irst motion% all the interim isLi&e a phantasm or a hideous dream'The #enius and the mortal instrumentsAre then in oun il% and the state o$ man%Li&e a little &in#dom% su$$ers thenThe nature o$ an insurre tion.( $rom )ulius CaesarRon annot sleep. It is not *ust that the unusually hot !eather en#enders restlessness% it is that his o!n thou#hts !ill not leave him alone. To distra t himsel$% he reads% he plays musi % he even does the home!or& he promised Lupin he !ould omplete over the summer% to ma&e up $or all the assi#nments he missed durin#that !hole business !ith +rindel!ald,s #host and the Lestran#es. -e busies himsel$ !ith Ma#i al +eo#raphy% identi$yin# !hi h reatures ori#inate in !hi h ountries% mar&in# the ans!ers on maps' here are #ri$$ins% here are o &atri es% here% it is said% dra#ons hide their treasure. ut he pre$ers Arithman y. Numbers never lie% and there is al!ays only one ri#ht ans!er to any uestion.-ermione !as al!ays so #ood at Arithman y% but no% he doesn,t !ant to thin& about that% or her. Memory and ima#ination are his enemies no!. -e does not !ant to remember her and -arry% he does not !ant to ima#ine !here they are no!% or !hat they mi#ht be doin#. -e *ams the heels o$ his hands a#ainst his eyes% uills and par hment slidin# to the $loor. Turnin# up his musi mu$$les the sounds that he ma&es. In the bedroom ne/t to his% +inny pounds on the !all% irritated by the noise.0001Ron. Are you all ri#ht231I,m $ine.3 -e shoo& o$$ his sister,s hand impatiently% !ithout loo&in# at her. -e !as starin# do!n the plat$orm. -e had mastered% over the past !ee&s% the art o$ !at hin# !ithout seemin# to be !at hin#% Starin# throu#h his hair% throu#h parted $in#ers !ith his hands li$ted to his $a e% over the spine o$ a boo&% at his t!o best $riends.They !ere lut hed to#ether no! in the shado! o$ an ar h!ay% -ermione and -arry% arms !rapped around ea h other. A little !ay a!ay% -ermione,s parents% loo&in# !eary% !ere tryin# to avoid standin# too lose to the 4ursleys. They !ere too $ar a!ay $or Ron to hear them% but he ould ima#ine !hat they !ere sayin# to ea h other% !hispered subvo al endearments and promises to !rite ever day.14is#ustin#%3 said +inny% a little too bri#htly% at his elbo!. 1Isn,t it23Ron !ren hed his #a5e a!ay $rom the end o$ the plat$orm and loo&ed morosely at his sister. Sometime a$ter Christmas she had stopped !earin# her hair in braids% and the !ind $li &ed the oppery strands a ross her $a e% hidin# her e/pression. 1I don,t &no! !hat you,re tal&in# about.316lease tell me you didn,t invite them to stay $or the holidays this year%3 she  said% pushin# the hair a!ay $rom her eyes. She loo&ed up at him% blin&in#7 they !ere standin# near the ba & o$ the train% and the sharp% smo&y air had stun# her eyes to !ater.1I,ll invite !hoever I li&e%3 snapped Ron. -e didn8t !ant to add that he,d rather be eaten alive by $ire rabs than have -arry or -ermione to stay at the urro! overthe summer. Thin&in# it is one thin#7 sayin# it aloud !ould be betrayal.-e loo&ed ba & to!ards -arry and -ermione. -ermione,s parents !ere still there7 the4ursleys had #one. -arry !ould have to $ind his o!n !ay home. Eventually% Mrs.+ran#er stepped $or!ard to pry her dau#hter a!ay. -ermione bid a last and tear$ul $are!ell to her paramour and departed% leavin# -arry standin# alone on the plat$orm% loo&in# a$ter her. Reali5in#% $inally% that the 4ursleys had #one% leavin# him stranded.Ron turned and #lan ed at his sister7 she !as !earin# the bitter% satis$ied smile he !ould never permit himsel$.000On the !ay home $rom the station Ron remembered the ni#ht that everythin# han#ed. Lyin# in his bed in the +ry$$indor dormitory% urled on his side li&e a rumpled bit o$ par hment. -is hands lamped ti#htly bet!een his le#s be ause he ouldn,t #et them to stop sha&in#7 not a violent tremor% but an uninterrupted tremble% as i$the bones !ere vibratin#.-e heard the rustle o$ the urtains be$ore they parted and the mattress san& under -arry,s !ei#ht. -and on Ron,s shoulder% -arry leaned over his best $riend in the dar&. 1Ron% ould you tal& to me23Rollin# onto his ba &% Ron &ept his hands len hed at his sides. 16ull the urtains.3-arry dre! the urtains shut around the bed and turned ba & to Ron. 1I,m sorry you !al&ed in on us li&e that. It,s not the !ay I !ould have !anted you to $ind out.31It,s all ri#ht.3 Ron heard his o!n voi e% so subdued he !as a little a$raid it !ould be lost% dro!ned in the so$t din o$ -arry,s nervous breathin# and his o!n poundin# heart. 1I !as *ust surprised% is all.3Ron loo&ed at his best $riend then% !onderin# !hat -ermione sa! there. -arry !as not handsome% but the vivid #reen eyes $rin#ed !ith oal(bla & lashes !ere startlin#% and the #entleness in them lent unli&ely #ra e to a $a e that other!ise !ould have been too thin and an#ular to be endearin#. ut it !as% and he !as% and Ron ouldn,t even hate him $or this% !hi h !as% out o$ all o$ it% probably the !orst part.-arry !as nearly stutterin#. 1I &no! you used to $an y her% but you,re over that% ri#ht% I mean you said you !ere911:es% o$ ourse. O$ ourse I am. 4on,t !orry about it.3-arry,s shoulders rela/ed. 1She really !ants to tal& to you% you &no!.3No% anythin# but that% I don,t !ant to see her% no% I mean it% no.1All ri#ht%3 Ron said.;hen she ame in% -arry le$t them alone to tal& to ea h other. Ron !at hed him #o%  silent a#ainst the uiet bitterness that !hispered in his ear% :ou are not even that% not even a threat. -ermione dre! the urtains around the bed and loo&ed do!n at him as -arry had done but her eyes !ere $ear$ul in a !ay that -arry,s% $or all his nervousness% had not been.1-arry says you don,t mind%3 she said%1I don,t%3 he said.She smelled $aintly o$ #ardenia soap and !hen she leaned $or!ard the ends o$ her hair ti &led his hee&. The $ront o$ her blouse $ell open and he ould see the s alloped la e ed#in# on her plain !hite bra% ould see !here the li#htly tanned s&in o$ her throat blended into the paler s!ell o$ her breasts. They urved into her body li&e the hope$ul ar o$ a be &onin# hand. -e !as hard under his pa*amas and he turned his body so she !ould not see% but then% she !asn,t loo&in#.1I,m #lad%3 she said. 1-arry really needs you and o$ ourse%3 she said% 1I need you% too.3She had had her hands behind her ba & in the ommon room% li&e a little #irl au#htstealin# s!eets. -arry,s $in#ers had been on the buttons o$ her blouse% lips on herthroat% and Ron had !ondered throu#h his astonishment !hy she &ept her hands li&e that. ;as she a$raid to tou h -arry ba &% !as she a$raid that i$ she started tou hin# him% she !ouldn,t be able to stop2 The body !as a trea herous instrument% as he !ell &ne!. Thin&in# o$ -arry,s hands slidin# on her breasts% tremblin# over the !arm s&in there% Ron,s hardness #re! pain$ul. 1:ou don,t need to !orry about me%3 he said. 1I,m *ust $ine.31:ou thin& +inny !ill be all ri#ht2 About -arry% I mean.31I,ll tell her%3 Ron said. 1I,m her brother% she,ll ta&e it better $rom me.3She leaned to &iss his hee&% her lips *ust brushin# his s&in% her breath !arm a#ainst his temple. 1Than& you.3-e !as already $umblin# !ith the dra!strin# on his pa*ama bottoms as the urtains $ell shut behind her. -e shoved one hand in his pants and suee5ed his eyes shut but the tears ame any!ay% stin#in# and hildish. -e tried to summon the ima#es that made up his ustomary $antasy repertoire < usually he ould ma&e himsel$ ome *ust rememberin# the !ay -ermione,s blouses rode up her midri$$ !hen she rea hed upto ta&e boo&s do!n $rom the hi#her library shelves% the o asional $lashes o$ pale slender thi#h !hen she stood up ui &ly $rom the table in the +reat -all < but that!as !ron#% !asn,t it% she !as -arry,s no!% and $rom the !ay they tou hed ea h other% she had been $or some time.Then a#ain% !hat did it matter2 -arry,s $ame% -arry,s money% -arry,s =irebolt% -arry,s easy $lyin# #ra e7 !antin# !hat !as -arry,s had been the urren y o$ Ron,s daydreams sin e he !as eleven years old. -e thou#ht o$ -arry,s hands on -ermione,s breasts and -arry !or&in# a le# bet!een her thi#hs to part them and -arry $u &in# her up a#ainst a !all !ith her lon# le#s lo &ed around his ba & and her so$t moans mu$$led a#ainst his ne &% her slim !hite $in#ers tan#led in his dar& hair. Tears lea&ed bet!een Ron,s $in#ers7 he bu &ed his hips up a#ainst his hand and ame ryin#% his shoulders *er&in#% s!allo!in# t!o di$$erent &inds o$ sobs.000No! Ron !onders i$ he someho! damned himsel$ that $irst ni#ht. )er&in# himsel$ o$$ to illi it mental ima#es o$ his t!o best $riends% ho! si & ould he #et2 And li&e most horri$i thin#s% it !as apparently irrevo able% be ause he an only #et  himsel$ o$$ no! by thin&in# o$ the t!o o$ them to#ether. -e ima#ines them in all sorts o$ situations% in train ompartments and empty $ields and even -arry,s drearybedroom at the 4ursleys% do!n on the $loor amidst 4udley,s spilled toys. -e puts them throu#h their pa es as i$ they !ere puppets and perhaps he should $eel some sense o$ po!er $rom this% some &ind o$ ontrol% but instead there is only a bitter and sel$(de$eatin# ra#e. -e an no lon#er star in his o!n $antasies7 -arry has ta&en even this a!ay $rom him% even this.000-e had been !ron# in thin&in# that +inny !ould ta&e the ne!s better $rom him. ;hen he told her% she slapped him a ross the $a e. It had not hurt that mu h but he had been astonished. She had been sittin# on the so$a in the ommon room% readin# a boo&% !hen he ame do!n to tell her. She loo&ed up at him !hen he be#an to spea&% her $a e blan& and in urious. 1I had a lon# tal& !ith -ermione and -arry today%3 hebe#an. 1And it seems that they < that is to say they,ve <1 -e leared his throat. 1They,re in love !ith ea h other%3 he said% and bra ed himsel$ $or tears.She sat $or a moment in silen e% then mar&ed her pla e !ith her uill% set the boo&do!n are$ully% and slapped him hard and open(handed a ross his ri#ht hee&. There !as somethin# theatri al about the #esture% as i$ she !ere a spurned !oman stri&in#an un$aith$ul lover% and Ron !ondered in !hat in omprehensible manner he had mana#ed to harm her.1:ou !ere supposed to &eep them a!ay $rom ea h other%3 +inny said. -er hee&s !ere as s arlet as i$ she !ere the one !ho had been slapped. 1:ou promised.31I never promised that%3 Ron said !onderin#ly. -e !as too surprised to be an#ry.16erhaps you should have%3 +inny said. She !ent ba & to the so$a then% and pi &ed up her boo&.000Mrs. ;easley suspe ts an in$estation o$ rab!eed in amon# her pri5ed $lo!erbeds andsets Ron the tas& o$ inspe tin# them. It is hot% unpleasant% manual !or&. Ea h bloom must be du# up% the roots inspe ted% the $lo!er replanted. 4o!n on his &nees in the dry% po!dery dirt% he $eels it overin# his s&in% mi/in# !ith his s!eat% turnin# to paste. -e is #rate$ul !hen +inny brin#s him a old #lass o$ !ater and anapple sli ed into $ourths.1Than&s.3 -e sits ba & on his heels% loo&s up at her. She is leanin# a#ainst the $en e% eatin# a pie e o$ apple% its *ui e stainin# her mouth li&e the lipsti & her mother !ill not let her !ear. She !ears a sli#htly $rayed sundress he remembers $rom the previous summer. She has #ro!n too tall $or it no!. It nips her under the arms% pulls a ross her hest% hit hes up too hi#h around her thi#hs. 1There,s an o!l $or you%3 she says. 1On the table in the hall. Another one $rom -arry.3The !ater is #one. Ron sets the empty #lass do!n are$ully on the dirt. 1O&ay.31Are you #oin# to tear it up23Ron loo&s do!n at his hands% splayed a ross his denim( overed &nees. -is &nu &les are rubbed ra! $rom the dirt% his nails bla & hal$(moons o$ #rime. -is $in#ers are too lon#% they loo& as i$ he has an e/tra set o$ &nu &les% maybe t!o. -arry has artist,s hands% as beauti$ully arti ulated as poetry% all slender $in#ers and the orre t number o$ *oints. 1I !as thin&in# o$ burnin# it.31:ou have to tal& to him eventually.3
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