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PDF The RISC-V Reader An Open Architecture Atlas PDF File

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  • 1. PDF The RISC-V Reader: An Open Architecture Atlas PDF File
  • 2. Book Details Author : David Patterson ,Andrew Waterman Pages : 200 Binding : Paperback Brand : ISBN : 0999249118
  • 3. Description The RISC-V Reader is a concise introduction and reference for embedded systems programmers, students, and the curious to a modern, popular, open architecture. RISC-V spans from the cheapest 32-bit embedded microcontroller to the fastest 64-bit cloud computer. The text shows how RISC-V followed the good ideas of past architectures while avoiding their mistake. Highlights include: Introduces the RISC-V instruction set in only 100 pages, including 75 figures An Instruction Translator Guide to help translate assembly language programs from ARM-32 and x86-32 instruction sets to RISC-V 2-page RISC-V Reference Card that summarizes all instructions 50-page Instruction Glossary that defines every instruction in detail 75 spotlights of good architecture design using margin icons 50 sidebars with interesting commentary and RISC-V history 25 quotes to pass along wisdom of noted scientists and engineers Ten chapters introduce each component of the modular RISC-V instruction set--often contrasting code compiled from C to RISC-V versus the older ARM, Intel, and MIPS architectures--but readers can start programming after Chapter 2. Praise for The RISC-V Reader: “This timely book concisely describes the simple, free and open RISC-V ISA that is experiencing rapid uptake in many different computing sectors.” Krste Asanovic, University of California, Berkeley, one of the four architects of RISC-V “I like RISC-V and this book as they are elegant—brief, to the point, and complete.” C. Gordon Bell, a computer architecture pioneer “ This handy little book effortlessly summarizes all the essential elements of the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture, a perfect reference guide for students and practitioners alike.” Professor Randy Katz, University of California, Berkeley, one of the inventors of RAID storage systems “This clearly-written book offers a good introduction to RISC-V, augmented with insightful comments on its evolutionary history and comparisons with other familiar architectures.” John Mashey, one of the designers of the MIPS architecture “This book tells what RISC-V can do and why its designers chose to endow it with those abilities.” Ivan Sutherland, the father of computer graphics “RISC-V will change the world, and this book will help you become part of that change.” Professor Michael B. Taylor, University of Washington
  • 4. “This book will be an invaluable reference for anyone working with the RISC-V ISA.” Megan Wachs, PhD, SiFive Engineer
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