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Website Notes Chapter 1 Becoming a Teacher

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  Chapter 1Becoming a Teacher: Looking Forward and Backward at the Same Time So You Want to be a Teacher? Teaching and Learning in the 21 st  Centur!anice och 1  #ntroduc$on ã What do ou a%read know about c%assrooms& and how can ou app% that know%edge to the comp%e' e'perience o( being a c%assroom teacher? 2  ã You ha)e within ou e)erthing ou need to create the kind o( teacher ou want to be* ã The in(orma$on in this c%ass wi%% cha%%enge ou to iden$( the a+tudes& ski%%s& and disposi$ons that are re,uired b the -e%d o( educa$on* ã You wi%% need to make a commitment to being a %i(e%ong %earner.e'panding our ideas b what ou %earn (rom our students& research& and our own persona% growth* /  ã 0ona%d Schon& and educa$ona% researcher& used the term refectve practtoner.  This is a teacher who consistent% reects on c%assroom e)entsboth successes and prob%ems3 and modi-es teaching prac$ces according%* ã The -e%d o( teaching& which re,uires such a heightened sense o( se%( and a commitment to the socia% good& demands nothing %ess o( its pro(essiona%s than an ongoing e'amina$on o( their authen$c mo$)es (or teaching* 4
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